Plotting images

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While the Silhoutte Cameo was designed for cutting, a classical application for plotters is to draw images using a pen. A pen holder and special markers are available for the Cameo, but since the markers are expensive and the holder is a simple piece a plastic, I went for the do-it-yourself approach.


My holder consists of the upper part of a cake box spindle with a hole drilled through the end, some clear tape to adjust the diameter and a piece of eraser to wedge the pen in.


To generate plottable images, I experimented with the Eggbot Extensions for Inkscape, specifically with the Bitmap trace postprocessor and the Hatch fill algorithm. Further I tried StippleGen2, which can convert images to a given number of dots. Those dots can further be varied in size based on the underlying darkness or connected by a single line using a TSM algorithm.


I’m quite pleased with the results, but the StippleGen2 sadly is as pain to use mainly because of its unresponsive GUI. Therefore I’m currently working on a reimplementation in Rust, also providing more tunable parameters.

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